Hypnobirthing teaches women to self hypnotise / get easily into a deep relaxation by learning breathing techniques to allow the body to work easily without being impeded by tension.

Leonie Darch - Happy Healthy Babies

Leonie Darch - Happy Healthy Babies

HypnoBirthing, Antenatal Classes, Birthing Course

Happy Healthy Babies, Chestnut Cottage, The Green, Claverdon, Warwick. CV35 8LL

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Area: Warwick, Stratford-Upon-Avon

At Happy Healthy Babies we provide support and education for every step of your journey from fertility, pregnancy, birth to baby. Whether you choose the flexibility of private hypnobirthing classes or a relaxed, group active birth workshop you and your partner will feel prepared and confident as you approach your birth

Have a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Everything that we do at Happy Healthy Babies is promoting health and wellbeing in pregnancy through a programme of well thought out antenatal classes and pregnancy workshops. All of our services are designed to reduce stress, increase confidence and prepare for the most positive birth experience possible.

The basis for our antenatal classes is about understanding how the strong mind/body connection that we have works. The more calm and confident that you feel, the better your body will perform in labour Stress has a negative effect on how the body works whether you are trying to conceive, expecting a baby or experiencing labour and birth.


Hypnobirthing techniques aim to teach you ways to stay in control and calm during labour and birth, whatever happens.

  • Reduces labour and birthing time.
  • Mums feel more relaxed and energised after giving birth.
  • Can reduce postnatal recovery time.
  • Babies are reported to be calmer, more content, feed better and sleep better.
  • Dads are more actively involved with the birth.
  • Lower incidences of surgical interventions.
  • Less risk of birth-related pelvic floor injuries.
  • Techniques learned can be useful for future situations.


  • Relaxation and self-hypnosis. These methods can help you to stay alert, but at the same time shut out the world and focus on relaxing your body.
  • Deep breathing techniques to help you cope in labour and stay in control.
  • Antenatal theory including birth positions, birth preferences, what to expect from your labour and decision making.


Leonie Darch is an experienced and qualified Antenatal Teacher and Hypnotherapist specialising in Women's Health and Wellbeing. Leonie is registered with the National Federation of Antenatal Educators (www.FEDANT.org) and is a active member of The Warwickshire Pregnancy and Birth Network (www.pregnancyandbirthnetwork.co.uk) so you can feel confident in her knowledge, experience and qualifications as a Practitioner.

"Incredible!! I couldn't have gone through labour without this wonderful woman Leonie Darch and her hypnobirthing programme!! She taught me everything I needed to know to have a calm, relaxed birth"

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